Loriann's Restorations LLC

Specializing in Custom Builds & Restorations

Provided at Loriann's Restorations LLC

At Loriann's, Restorations are a passion of ours and we love the capabilities we have to create these final results. 

Here is what our Restorations offer at Loriann's:

* We provide a sit down with the owner to discuss your plans and what you want the finished product to look like. 

* We provide a tour of the organized facility, so that you can see the environment your vehicle is being worked on in. 

* We provide an introduction to the Restoration Team, that way you can meet who will be working on your vehicle while it is here with us. 

* We provide indoor storage of your vehicle while it is here.  

* We do not provide an estimate, because of unknown factors and until the vehicle is completely disassembled we are not able to give an exact estimate. 

* We require a $1,500 deposit and any parts needed at this time need to be paid in full at the contract signing before the restoration process begins. 

* We charge $85 per hour for Restoration labor and $95 for Custom labor.

* We have a 1-week billing cycle. 

* We provide break-downs on our invoices to show you step-by-step what is being charged.

* We suggest 48 hours notice for a visit to come and see your vehicles process first hand. 

* We provide a media site as well as our website to keep you updated with pictures of the progress on your vehicle. 

* We do sample test colors on car speed-shapes, to show for approval before going ahead with color selection. (additional fees apply)

* We offer House of Kolors paint choices as an option when selecting your vehicles final color.

* We are a Hagerty Direct Repair Facility.

* We offer Frame-on & Frame-off Restorations.

* We offer Steering, Suspension, Brake & Drive Train Upgrades.