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Restoration of a vehicle refers to the process of restoring a vehicle to its original condition. Neither updating or modifying are considered part of the restoration process. A restored car is one that has had all of its systems and or parts restored to original condition. Selectively restoring parts or systems is referred to as refurbishing. It does not qualify as restoration. Rebuilding an engine may restore that engine, but it does not restore the car, or entitle the car to be called a restoration.

There are many aspects to the process of vehicle restoration. The goal is to return the vehicle to its 'original' state.


A Custom Build may be a personal "styling" statement, making the car look unlike any car as delivered from the factory. Custom Builds are distinct from hot rods. Additionally, a street rod can be considered custom.  

Paint was an important concern. Once bodywork was done, the cars were painted unusual colors. Transparent but wildly-colored candy-apple paint, applied atop a metallic undercoat, and metalflake paint, with aluminum glitter within candy-apple paint. These took many coats to produce a brilliant effect. Customizers also continued the habit of adding decorative paint after the main coat was finished, of flames extending rearward from the front wheels, scallops, and hand-painted pinstripes of a contrasting color.


Hot Rods are typically old, classic American cars with large engines modified for linear speed. The origin of the term "hot rod" is unclear. Roadsters were the cars of choice because they were light, were easy to modify, and could be bought for a low price. The term became commonplace in the 1930s or 1940s as the name of a car that had been "hopped up" by modifying the engine in various ways to achieve higher performance. A term that was common in the early days to refer to a hot rod was a "gow job". This has fallen into total disuse except with historians. The term can also apply to other items that are "souped up" for a particular purpose, such as "hot-rodded amplifier".


Restored Interior as well as Exterior


Custom Painting, Kandys, Flake, Lace, Panels


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